Failure on a hydraulic cylinder most often means unwanted downtime and long lead-times. A leaking cylinder is not only an environmental problem but also a work environment risk. Ståthöga MA Teknik works with all types of industries and offer quick and flexible service of hydraulic cylinders including renovations and upgrades. Seals, screeds and guide strips are made according the the actual measures of the cylinder. This means no cylinder is too old or odd for us to repair. Offering our customers great service with short lead-times is an important part of our business.

Our workshops are equipped to dismantle, mantle, pressure test, upgrade and perform function controls on hydraulic cylinders, this goes for basically all cylinder types. We also manufacture new parts on customer request.

When is a repair needed?

Hydraulic cylinder failure

It often takes quick measures and repairs to avoid costly downtime. A repair can mean a replacement of seal or screed, manufacturing new piston rod, manufacturing new piston head or provisioning of a cylinder pipe. 

External leakage

Leaking hydraulic oil is both an environment and a work environment hazard. Leakage can also cause damage on equipment close by. A leaking cylinder should always be decommissioned and looked at immediately.

Internal leakage

Internal leakage means the piston seals are exposed to damaging fluids which in turn means the cylinder will lose its power. Internal leakage can be hard to identify and thereby cause problems and affect the quality of the production process and its end products.

Wrecked or worn out bearings

Hydraulic cylinders heavily used often get worn out bearings. This could result in expensive repairs if not taken care of immediately. We solve similar cases on a regular basis.

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Our services

  • Seal changes
  • Upgrades
  • Adjustments of cylinder pipes
  • Welding
  • Function controls
  • Pressure testing
  • Paintwork
  • Markups for traceability
  • Mounting and dismantling on site
  • Manufacturing seals, piston rods, cylinder pipes link heads and cylinder nozzles


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