Coating for drinking water

Many drinking water plants today have old and exposed concrete and metal surfaces which, after many years of operation, are in need of action. Until now, there have been no good and safe methods of protecting these surfaces.

KIWA has now certified ARC S2 (E) -KIWA as one of the few approved and certified materials for drinking water applications. ARC S2 (E) -KIWA is an advanced ceramic composite for renovation and protection of all concrete and metal surfaces. The material gives a 100% solid surface completely free of solvents and with extreme adhesion.

The coating means higher quality of drinking water through reduced organic growth in cisterns, reservoirs, pipes and tanks.

Protect your drinking water system

ARC S2 (E) -KIWA is a carefully composed mixture of fine ceramic particles and polymers. It is a developed two-component system to provide long-term protection against erosion / corrosion on industrial surfaces that come into contact with drinking water. Once the material has hardened, it gives a 100% solid, high-gloss ceramic surface with incomparable resistance to erosion / corrosion.

Approved for drinking water

The certification has been issued by KIWA under accreditation by Swedac. It is one of the few materials on the market that is carefully controlled and approved for use as a surface protection coating for drinking water at Swedish waterworks, towers, pipe systems and similar drinking water applications.

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