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A breakdown on a pump, fan or other rotating equipment could mean costly downtime.Leaking pump seals, imbalanced fans or a bearing failure does not only mean financial problems but most often also additional problems and unwanted shutdowns. Ståthöga MA Teknik work with many different industry types. We offer quick and flexible service on all types of rotating equipment. We are brand independent and do preventive service, renovations and upgrades. We do seal and bearing changes and make shoulders, linings and other worn-out parts according to the dimensions of the existing equipment. This most often means an object is never to old or odd to be repaired. Correct service at the right time is an important part of our service philosophy.

Right competence

Spare part manufacturing

In our machine workshop we can make spare parts like shafts, restriction bushings, adapter plates and make advanced machine work like milling wedge grooves, lathe threads and process existing surfaces. With our own mechanical workshop with cut costs and lead-times while keeping control of the project.


All rotating equipment is controlled and balanced before leaving our workshops. In our balancing machine we take care of equipment up to 1400 mm diameter and shafts up to 2000 mm long.

Products in stock

Quick repairs are often a necessity to avoid costly downtime. As a Chesterton distributor we have our own warehouse with more than 2000 products in stock, seals, bearings and spare parts. This way we are able to offer correct and quick service at any time.


Our coating division works on both pumps, fans and other equipment with thick and thin film coating depending on the surface and need. The coating is made to avoid corrosion, reduce friction and to protect the inner parts of the equipment from mechanical wear.

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Marcus Albert

Marcus Albert

Business Manager Rotating Equipment & Cylinder

Jesper Rydén

Jesper Rydén

Business Manager Rotating Equipment / Tullinge

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