Concrete Coating

Concrete surfaces are stressed on a daily basis by temperature changes, wear, erosion and chemicals. This results in reduced life-time and expensive repairs. The Chesterton coating system is developed to counteract these problems in an effective way and we are always ready to support you and your concrete surfaces with our knowledge, equipment and experience in this area.

Why coat concrete?

Wear protection

Concrete surfaces are most often exposed to extreme wear. A coated surface will become extremely strong and give it a much longer life-span.
Well-planned maintenance equals financial savings and a coated concrete surface is a cost-efficient way to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Erosion and corrosion protection

Environments with high levels of fluid streams or where erosion is a problem such as hydropower plants are perfect examples of areas that benefit from coating. Having the right protection, surface damages are prevented and your concrete saved.

Chemical protection

Many chemicals are very aggressive to concrete surfaces. We have highly developed coating systems that protects against chemical attacks and corrosion.


An untreated surface allows water and dirt to penetrate which in turn results in cracking concrete and mold growth. A coated concrete surface is easy to keep clean and becomes a cost-efficient way to protect walls, concrete edges and walkways.

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